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In 2000, a group of people embarked on a home Bible study in an attempt to gain a thorough understanding of the gospel of grace and the biblical worship of God. Soon after that, the Lord provided a meeting place for the first worship service of Providence Baptist Church. Tommy Dahn and Dave Caraway led the church during its first year. Dave has since moved to the Waxahachie, Texas area where he planted a church.

In 2004, Bruce Stoney began his ministry at PBC, serving as a staff elder and leader of the counseling ministry for many years and now serving as a lay elder. Moreover, Corey Johnson joined PBC in 2011, ministering as both a pastoral intern and a pastoral assistant before becoming an elder in 2015. 

Additionally, the Lord has raised up several lay elders throughout the years at PBC. Currently, Rusty Bautista, Dennis Brown, Clint Jackson, Andy Johnson, Bruce Stoney, Craig Swain, and Barry Wilmore serve as lay elders at PBC, while Tommy Dahn and Corey Johnson serve as staff elders.

While the church’s meeting location changed several times over the years, God has always been faithful to provide a place for PBC to meet. In 2014, God provided a permanent place of worship for PBC when the church purchased a building in Pasadena, Texas.

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